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Houston Super Bowl Committee Ruffling Feather Over Name

Houston is known by several names from Space City, H-town and during the Rockets reign, Clutch City. But now there is a controversy stirring over the name HTX to promote the upcoming 2017 Super Bowl and it has citizens voicing their opinions. Houston Super Bowl Host Committee boasts rendering of Discovery Green, get criticism for […]

sludge released in Galveston Bay

Sludge Released Into Galveston Bay: Over 135,000 Gallons

According to a press release, there was 135,000 gallons of partially treated domestic sludge released into Galveston Bay on August 21 due to a control system failure. The incident happened around 10:45 p.m. at the domestic Waste Water Treatment Plant at 5200 Port Industrial Road. Reports said there have been no visible adverse impact to […]

Git It Gurl Balloon and Events

Git It Gurl Balloon and Event Designs

Latonya Thorns-Dearman owner of Git It Gurl Balloon Event Designs in Houston, talks about her incredible talent and how an extra touch of style can turn any event into a smashing success. HCM: How you were inspired to start your company. Latonya: Well my grandmother was an awesome decorator. She would put the simplest things […]

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STAAR Scores Stagnant Despite Higher Passing Standards

STAAR exam scores remain stagnant in grade levels fifth through eight according to newly released results, and considering improvements in passing standards, these results may be an improvement. According to a report released by the Teachers Education Agency, 75% of fifth-grade students this year passed reading, while 78% passed last year. Scores for eight-grade students […]

Two Steps One Sticker

What Texans Can Expect This Year With Two Steps One Sticker

On March 1, 2015, Texas motorists were introduced to the two steps one sticker vehicle inspection and registration. And in the event you are still confused about how the process will play out this year, this post will help shed light on the process. You will have until February 29, 2016 to renew your registration […]

Open Carry

Texas Now Has Open Carry

Open Carry is now legal in Texas but unfortunately the language of the law is causing confusion for not only citizens, but law enforcement officials as well. “Unfortunately, this law was not written very well. It’s not very clear…I can read it one way, I can read it another way,” said Donna Edmundson, the city […]

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Hamas Says It’s Ready For Direct Talks With Israel

Entry Text GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — A senior Hamas leader says the group is willing to talk directly to Israel, reversing a previous ban. In an interview with Al Quds TV to be broadcast later Thursday, Hamas No. 2 Musa Abu Marzouk says “Hamas is willing to talk directly to the Israelis” over issues including Gaza […]

Former House Majority Leader Lands 3.4 Million Investment Job on Wall Street

  Eric Cantor plans to join investment bank Moelis & Co. as vice chairman and managing director, where he will earn a salary of $3.4 million, the company announced in an SEC filing this morning. Cantor will also join the bank’s board. The former House majority leader will earn an annual base salary of $400,000, plus a […]

Halliburton to Pay $1.1 Billion Over Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Halliburton has reached a $1.1 billion settlement deal with plaintiffs claiming damages resulting from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill of 2010, the Houston-based energy company announced on Tuesday. The company will pay $1.1 billion into a trust in three installments, which will be used to pay off damage claims from property holders and commercial fisheries along the […]

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gun ownership

The Right to Bear Arms: Peace and Politics

It is a measure of how subservient our political system is to the gun lobby that when the Supreme Court affirmed a federal gun ownership ban for domestic abuse convicts this week, it was hailed as a huge victory. In a 6-2 decision, the court deemed that the two plaintiffs from Maine, Stephen Voisine and […]


This Week in Politics

How Political Science Helps Explain the Rise of Trump: The Role of White Identity and Grievances   This is the second of three posts describing how political science helps explain the success of Donald Trump. In the first post, we discussed the research showing that most voters are not ideologues, and, in particular, that many […]


This Week in Politics – Top 5 Stories

The race for the White House is taking another interesting turn. Announcements are expected this week from Jeb Bush and Donald Trump for their presidential bids. The prospect of a rotating first ladyship was enough to prompt a United States senator to say something that made the boss from “The Office” seem classy. It took […]

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Health and Wellness

plant protein

Plant Protein Might Be The Key to Longer Life

  (Reuters Health) – People who eat more protein from plants and less from animals may live longer even when they have unhealthy habits like heavy drinking or smoking, a large U.S. study suggests. The findings suggest that when it comes to protein, where it comes from may be just as important as how much […]

stem cell

Analysis Finds Hundreds of U.S. Clinics Selling Unapproved Stem Cell Treatments

(CNN)Most people think experimental medical procedures are being done elsewhere, perhaps in countries where lawlessness or less supervision rule. However, two researchers who conducted a keyword-based Internet search and analysis discovered 351 businesses selling stem cell interventions from 570 American-based clinics. Marketing directly to consumers — in some cases desperate patients in failing health — […]

Genesis Rejuvenation Center

The Power of Faith, Hope and Rejuvenation

Genesis Rejuvenation Center, LLC Founder, Pat Weatherspoon-Hall believes in treating the body holistically, where everything starts at the beginning. HCM: Pat, the designation Life Coach is used generically and for those who may not know the difference, what is a Spiritual Life Coach? Pat: A life coach helps the client determine who they really are, […]

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7 Ways To Boost Your Brand's Reputation For Free Online

7 Ways To Boost Your Brand’s Reputation For Free Online

  Reputation is the key to success in the online marketing world. With a better reputation, you’ll get more visibility online, which will drive traffic and conversions. You’ll earn more brand trust, and therefore higher conversion rates for the users who end up on your site. You’ll also gain access to higher authority publishers and […]

bank on houston

Have You Heard About Bank On Houston?

The Bank On program is a coalition of banks, credit unions and a few non-profit organizations that’s designed to help families get back into the financial mainstream and begin building assets. The Bank On program began in 2007 in San Francisco, and in 2008 Former Mayor Annise Parker brought the program to the City of […]

Roth IRA

4 Roth IRA Tips That Could Earn You Thousands

Roth IRAs are a useful tax relief product for retirement savings. As you contribute post-tax dollars, your savings grow tax free. But did you know there are several ways that you can use this investment tool to you advantage for safe growth? Read more.

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back to school

Back to School Time Give Parents EXTREME Joy!

This is the time of year when parents become over-the-top, extremely happy. Back to school time is our Christmas and this Alabama mom is all over social media showing just how happy she is now that her children are back in school. Keshia Leeann Gardner, mother of 5 wrote in a recent Facebook post which […]

Special Event

Before You Shop for Another Special Event, Read This Post

Gina Tolbert, owner of Picture You Perfect Online Boutique specializes in helping women find the perfect fashion ensemble for any special event. We got a chance to visit with her and she shares with us what makes her boutique one-of-a-kind.    HCM: When did you discover that owning a specialty boutique was the right thing […]

The Living Will

What Everyone Should Know About a Living Will

Having a living will is one of the most important documents you should have on hand if you are ever in a situation to where you cannot speak for yourself. A living will or advanced directive is a document that lets your doctor, hospital and family know what your wishes are in the event you […]

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